Cary Fife

Stand out with stunning custom pieces

The love of making custom jewelry

In 2015, Cary began learning to make jewelry as a meditative hobby. He fell in love with creating beautiful art that will be shared and loved by others.

Cary Fife Home Blue Glass 400x267 1

Custom Creations

Cary Fife Home Green Stone 400x400 1
Cary Fife Home Ring 400x400 1
Cary Fife Home Blue Ring 400x400 1
Cary Fife Home Silver Ring 400x400 1

The Style

Cary Fife Home Sunflower Necklace 1076x400 1

“Jewelry making naturally turned into a strong passion of Cary’s. In his formative years, he learned silversmithing, goldsmithing, and custom casting which allowed him to hone his skills with hours of experience and training.”

Cary Fife Home Yellow Bracelet 1500x1000 1

“His passion soon grew into a collaborative effort where he taught and shared his knowledge with other artists — but more importantly shared his creations with those seeking one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.”

Cary Fife Home Blue Earrings 1024x632 1

“He focuses on achieving a caring and beautiful product with his custom creations. Unique jewelry to fit your personal style that you will forever love – that’s Cary’s dream come true.”

It’s Going to be Special!

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